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  • New Extension Requirements

    PHP7 is slowly rolling out to a lot of websites. This means an increase of speed and security, but it also means more stable code. Type hinting is one of the most useful new functionality added to the language. The software I build can use this functionallity to maintain more stable software and to future proof it.

  • Get 100% out of MS Slack

    So you've downloaded MS Slack, installed it on your site but you found out it does not really fit your needs? You wanted to get awesome messages when receiving an order for Hikashop, for example. Although that's possible, it may be hard to setup! In this article we'll be configuring Hikashop as Hikashop has a good documentation. Any extension with events is supported.

  • MS Slack 1.0.1

    Today we released MS Slack 1.0.1 which includes a very interesting feature; supporting any Joomla! event, even from third-party software!