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  • SD SiteManager 1.0.3 released!

    SD SiteManager 1.0.3 has been released! It is now available to anyone that has bought a subscription.

  • SD SiteManager released!

    SD SiteManager is released! SD SiteManager is a self-hosted Joomla! website monitoring package. Manage and monitor your Joomla! website from one website!

  • Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

    When you write custom Javascript for Joomla! it can occur that jQuery is loaded after your script is loaded. This makes your script worthless as it throws the error "Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined" and your code won't execute anymore. There are simple solutions for this problem!

  • New Extension Requirements

    PHP7 is slowly rolling out to a lot of websites. This means an increase of speed and security, but it also means more stable code. Type hinting is one of the most useful new functionality added to the language. The software I build can use this functionallity to maintain more stable software and to future proof it.

  • MS Release offer!

    MS Release is our newest software allowing you to release your own software packages with. It is fully featured with advanced, time-saving solutions. We use it ourselfs to allow more time to be spend on programming instead of managing.


  • Easter Sale!

    Happy easter! Because of easter we now offer you a 20% discount off using the code EASTER2017. This coupon is valid for a limited time. View all of our extensions here!

  • Get 100% out of MS Slack

    So you've downloaded MS Slack, installed it on your site but you found out it does not really fit your needs? You wanted to get awesome messages when receiving an order for Hikashop, for example. Although that's possible, it may be hard to setup! In this article we'll be configuring Hikashop as Hikashop has a good documentation. Any extension with events is supported.

  • Automate your working environment with Grunt

    So you are a Joomla! developer and you build packages. I'm sure you have built your own zipfiles at least once. I've done this for quite a while which consumes alot of time you could've used to develop your new and awesome extension! Next to that, Gruntjs and her packages offer a lot more then creating zip-files only.

  • Joomla!'s Double Database Queries

    Joomla! has its own database query object in which you can build queries in. This is a very useful object as it is not prone to query changes in the future. However, the database object and functions to get the result are a bit strange!


  • MS ImageCompressor released!

    Today we released MS ImageCompressor! An application which allows you to compress all your site's images to a minimum without losing quality. We built our own compressing service which MS ImageCompressor uses.

    MS ImageCompressor finds all your images on your server with a minimal filesize (configurable) and stores those in the database. We register what your storage gains are in an useful dashboard. On this dashboard you can see how many images it found and how much diskspace you already saved using MS ImageCompressor! Beneath those counters you can find a list of the best optimized images and the largest images found.

    We've also included a feature that allows for full automation; cronjobs! You may trigger your website to find and/or optimize your images for you fully automatic! Cronjobs can be triggered using an URL of using regular server cronjobs. Your choice!

    Buy MS ImageCompressor here!

  • MS Slack 1.0.1

    Today we released MS Slack 1.0.1 which includes a very interesting feature; supporting any Joomla! event, even from third-party software!