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Here at Snoeren Development, we try to make every customer a happy customer! If you have any trouble with one of our Pro products or you believe it is defective and/or you're feeling frustrated by the product, please send us a message through the contact form. For a defective product, please supply a screenshot after you sent the contact message.

No refunds or return will be offered for digital product, except when the product you've purchased is

  • completely non-functional
  • not what you've expected due a wrong/misleading product description

We have the right to refuse you a refund in the following situations

  • you've changed your mind after buying the product
  • you've made a mistake but you've already downloaded / used the product
  • someone else with legal access to your payment option has bought the product for you / your company
  • you refused to give us details about your problem or details to your site so we couldn't look for ourselfs

Snoeren Development will offer a full or partial refund within 7 days after the payment. We have the right to ask you questions about the refund and even have the right NOT to refund you your money.

Please note that

  • you cannot download the Pro products anymore, nor receive updates after the refund
  • you may cancel your subscription at any time, but there will be no refunds for cancellation
  • refunds may take up to 14 days to be visible in your account

The above notices applies to all payments done on this website.