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MS Twitch Stream

MS Twitch Stream

  • Version 1.3.4
  • P
  • C
  • M
  • F
  • J!3
  • PHP7

MS Twitch Stream is a complete package to transform your website into an epic livestream!

MS Twitch Stream is a fully featured Twitch package containing a component, plugin, stream-, list of streamers- and chat module! Using the plugin you can even automaticly enable and disable modules and menu items based on the streamers online presence on Twitch (requires Twitch Client ID).


  • Show live Twitch streams as module or as component
  • Display the livechat as a module
  • Hide offline streamers automaticly by unpublishing them whenever they are offline. When they are online, the page or module is automaticly published again. (requires Twitch Client ID)
  • Show a list of your streamers with their current online status
  • Top Games page
  • Top Clips page
  • Streamer page
  • Backend Dashboard to view your active streamers
  • Top Games and Trending Clips modules

Heads up!

To use the plugin, you'll need a Twitch Client ID. This is required for the Twitch API. View the documentation to view the explanation on how to get one.

Purchase contains

  • Twitch Component
    • Live Stream
    • Streamer Page (dynamic)
    • Clip
    • Trending Clips
    • Top Games
  • Twitch live stream module
  • Twitch live chat module
  • Twitch Top Games module
  • Twitch Trending Clips module
  • Streamers list module
  • Streamer Status plugin (updates menuitems and modules based on streamers online presence)
  • 1 Year of support via email of Facebook Messenger
  • 1.3.4

    + Added top games and trending clips modules
    # Fixed bug with chat-module

    09-11-2017 20:24
  • 1.3.3

    + Added clip page type (was already available but hidden in the livestream view)
    + Added view amount and length of clips to the trending clips view
    + Clips can now be viewed at the streamer page

    01-10-2017 15:47
  • 1.3.2

    + Added top games menu type
    + Added streamer page

    20-09-2017 22:07
  • 1.3.1
    # Fixed critical bug on servers with a lower php version (< 7)
    30-08-2017 19:12
  • 1.3.0
    + Added Trending Clips menu item
    25-08-2017 14:02
  • 1.2.1

    + Added clips as embed type
    ^ Code refactoring
    # Fixed autoplay not working on modules

    16-08-2017 18:09
  • 1.2.0

    + Added "hide if offline"-option to the chat module
    + Added stream class to maintain OOP
    + Added a dashboard
    ^ Changed the whole fetch system. Now uses database for faster site speeds
    ^ Twitch Status Module changed to support the new system

    07-07-2017 16:29
  • 1.1.2
    # Fixed a critical bug with MS Framework. Only occurs if the framework is loaded after the status plugin.
    14-04-2017 17:51
  • 1.1.1
    13-04-2017 17:33

Perfect Twitch Streaming Integration

By ZubzEr on 26-10-2016
Functionality 100
Display multiple twitch streams, even the chat on one page or multiple as component or modules.Hiding offline streams is my favorite feature
Ease of Use 100
Super easy: Install > Configure Module/Component > Publish. Done.
Support 100
Very friendly. The developer fixed some minor issues I had and pushed out new updates very quickly. This is what you wish for.
Documentation 100
Small documentation for a small extension.I was able to find all I needed to know.

The more detailed documentation can be found here.

How to install this extension?

Install this extension like you install any other Joomla! extension. In your administrator environment, go to Extensions > Install, select the extension and press install.

My stream disappeared!

Make sure you set the "Hide if offline" option to no or disable the MS Twitch Stream plugin. If both didn't work, make sure you entered an username for the stream to use. If that doesn't work, feel free to contact us. Heads up: there is an issue with multiple Twitch modules and a chat on the same page.

The status module is not showing all my streamers!

Make sure all the modules and menus have the option "Hide if Offline" enabled as the plugin then retrieves their status. If the software cannot get the status of the user, it'll not be displayed. The plugin must be enabled to use the status module.

Hiding/enabling streamers based on their online presence does not work / How do I retrieve a Twitch Client ID?

You can request one from the Twitch website. You'll need a Twitch account.

  1. Login to your Twitch account at Twitch
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. If you already created an application and you have a Client ID, you may use that one. If not, proceed to step 4
  4. Create a new application. Fill in your website's title as Application title
  5. Use http://localhost as Redirect URL, as we are not using it
  6. Select a category. It does not matter which one.
  7. Save the application, copy the Client ID and put the Client ID in the plugin's configuration.
  8. All done! Automaticly hiding and enabling should now work!

For more information or visuals, please see this article.

If you purchase one of our software, you'll receive 1 year of support. You can get support the following ways:

We do not provide support for free extension, unless you support us with a small donation of your choice.
Ads keep the free extensions free!

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