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This extension is discontinued and will only receive security updates.
MS Slack

MS Slack

  • Version 1.0.2
  • P
  • J!3
  • PHP7

MS Slack integrates Slack for everyone to use!

Integrate Slack into Joomla! and receive notifications in your Slack Channel! Its easy API allows other developers to send Slack messages through their software.


  • Slack Plugin allows other developers to send messages to the client's Slack Channel
  • Total freedom allows for every type of message through Slack
  • Single location of settings for easy configuration
  • Receive notifications whenever someone
    • Logs in
    • Logs out
    • Edits/creates an user
    • Edits/creates an article
    • Install/uninstall any extension
    • any Joomla! event, even third-party software! Get a Slack notification when someone, for example, places an order!
  • Messages sent to Slack can be modified (except for software sent messages, like MS Contact)

Can be used with

  • MS Contact: receive a Slack notification every time someone submits the contact form

Heads up! This extension requires an active Slack account to work. You can register for free at Slack

This software is not affiliated in any way with Slack.

The more detailed documentation can be found here.

[End User] How to use this plugin?

Installing the plugin
Upload the package to your server using the Joomla! installer. Install this package just like you install all other packages.

Configuring the plugin
The plugin is automaticly enabled, but not yet active. You must go to the plugins, search for MS Slack and open its settings. Enable the plugin and fill in your webhook URL. You can find this URL in your Slack integration named "Incoming WebHooks". You can also find the additional events and custom events in the plugin configuration.

Adding custom events
Custom events can be added in the plugin configuration. Please read the documentation popups of the labels next to the inputs carefully! Enter the custom event name, that will be fired from another extension, and enable it. Enter a message in the editor below and test the event (like ordering in your website). When everything has been setup correctly, you should receive a Slack notification whenever the given event happens.

[Developer] How to use this plugin?

API (Plugin Events)

onMSSlackBeforeSend(array &$msg) : bool  Before sending the Slack hook, you may determine using the message if it should be send or not. Return true to send it, false to discard it.  
 onMSSlackAfterSend(boolean &$status, array $msg) : void After sending the Slack message, you can retrieve the status of the sent message (if it sent or not) and the contents of the message itself. 

Sending a message to Slack
To send a message to the users Slack channel, you must trigger the plugin and supplying the message array. You may do this as follow:

$dispatcher = JEventDispatcher::getInstance();
$dispatcher->trigger('onMSSlackSend', array(array('text' => 'Your message')));

For more advanced messages, check the Slack Documentation. Make sure to send your data in array structure; it'll be converted to JSON by the plugin.

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