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MS Release

Do not waste any time on your own software release system for your Joomla! site. Use the one with the most features.

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Advanced Features

MS Release comes with a lot of advanced features by default. These features are focused on saving you time. Do the biggest actions in the least of time!

Remote Deploying

Deploy your new update to your website without even touching a browser. Upload your package with HTTP(S) to your site and all your clients will receive the update notice. No need to login, just deploy your package from your console when you are done programming.

Package Merging

MS Release can merge packages. This means that you can have your, for example, framework embedded in every package. The best part is that all your packages will have the latest version included at all times. Rebuilding packages with the new framework is no longer required!

Powerful API

MS Release comes with a powerful event API. You can jump in on almost every point in MS Release giving you total control of your extension's presentation.


MS Release is documented very well. You can find information about extending its featured and how to setup certain features to get the most out of MS Release.

To get the full potential of MS Release, some setup is required. All of the information required to extend its functionality or how to setup some advanced features can be found in the documentation.

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