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This extension is discontinued and will only receive security updates.
MS ImageCompressor

MS ImageCompressor

  • Version 1.0.2
  • P
  • C
  • J!3
  • PHP7

Save alot of space by compressing your images!

MS ImageCompressor compresses your images using resizing and loss-less image compressing! We all know the users who can't resize or optimize an image and upload the 4MB+ file anyway. You can now automaticly reduce the filesize up to 75%!


  • Search, resize and compress your images saving diskspace up to 75%
  • Automaticly find or find and compress your images using cronjobs (also triggerable using an url)
  • Index your image files on your server
  • Reduce all your image sizes to a minimum
  • Insights in the best optimalisations or largest image files found

We use a selfhosted service to compress your images. An active subscription is required.

Please create a backup before using this product to make sure you don't lose any images. The software treats your images with care, but it could go wrong. We are not responsible for any dataloss!

  • 1.0.2
    + Added ignored folders option
    08-05-2017 23:31
  • 1.0.1
    # Changed API to HTTPS
    # MIME bugfix
    23-04-2017 08:21
  • 1.0.0
    13-04-2017 17:37

The more detailed documentation can be found here.

What does MS ImageCompressor do?

MS ImageCompressor resizes and compresses your images to a minimal without losing quality. We host our own compressor to make sure everyone has priority. You can enable resize images to reduce the filesize even more. Everything is customizable.

What should I do before using MS ImageCompressor?

You should backup your site or at least all images before using the software. We are not responsible for lost data. Although we programmed the software to handle your images with care, it could go wrong and you could lose data. After backing up you may run the "One-click Optimize" to resize (if configured) and compress all your images.

I lost images, what can I do?

There is a chance you lose images because in some part of the process, it could've gone wrong. We advice you to create a backup everytime you run the software.

What imagetypes are supported?

Resizing images supports JPEG, PNG and GIF. Compressing images support JPEG and PNG.

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Save alot of space by compressing your images!