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MS Discord

MS Discord

  • Version 1.0.0
  • P
  • J!3
  • PHP7

MS Discord integrates Discord for everyone to use!

Integrate Discord into Joomla! and receive notifications in your Discord Channel! Its easy API allows other developers to send Discord messages through their software.


  • Discord Plugin allows other developers to send messages to the client's Discord Channel
  • Total freedom allows for every type of message through Discord
  • Single location of settings for easy configuration
  • Receive notifications whenever someone
    • Logs in
    • Logs out
    • Edits/creates an user
    • Edits/creates an article
    • Install/uninstall any extension
    • any Joomla! event, even third-party software! Get a Discord notification when someone, for example, places an order!
  • Messages sent to Discord can be modified

Heads up! This extension requires an active Discord channel and account to work. You can register for free at Discord

This software is not affiliated in any way with Discord.

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We do not provide support for free extension, unless you support us with a small donation of your choice.
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