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Today we released MS Slack 1.0.1 which includes a very interesting feature; supporting any Joomla! event, even from third-party software!


We extended the plugin alot by adding pre-defined events you can get notifications for in your Slack channel. The most promising feature we add is custom events, which means you can get updates for every event thrown in Joomla!, even if it is not from Joomla! itself. This means that if your webshop fires events, you can get a notification for it! Think about someone that orders something; you'll get a notification on your Slack channel!

We've also added pre-defined events for users that aren't very technical. These predefined events are Joomla! default, so not for third-party software; you'll need to setup custom events.

+ We've added pre-defined events that you can get notifications for with custom text to your Slack channel
+ We've added custom events which you can define. It allows for any event to be catched and send to your Slack channel!
+ Small improvements

You can download MS Slack for free!


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