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SD SiteManager 1.0.3 has been released! It is now available to anyone that has bought a subscription.

A few bugfixes have been made and a new feature has been implemented: Remote Package Uploading! This means that you can upload an extension package to multiple remote websites at the same time. Deploying packages is now very easy and can be done with a single click.


You can update your client's websites to the 1.0.3 version of SD SiteManager Client using the updater found in the component.


  • + Remote Package Uploading feature to upload packages to multiple websites
  • + Now sends an email when a site couldn't be polled for 10 times
  • + Added option to setup the polling timeout
  • ^ Changed the date in the last poll tooltip
  • # Fixed updating an extension didn't update the updates-counter
  • # Small date display buy fixed
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