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SD SiteManager 1.0.2 is released! This new version comes with some great extra features. It makes managing websites a lot easier!

The following features have been added to this version:


  • PHP Version
    You can now see what version of PHP is running on the remote website. You can also filter on the PHP version
  • Offline Detection
    Offline websites are now marked in the list of websites
  • Site Monitor
    Every time your cronjob runs, all your websites will be checked for their status. If your website went on- or offline, you will receive an email (if enabled)
  • Email Notifications
    Your website will update you about a website that went down or came back online!
  • Information Screen
    An information screen is added with the current version of SD SiteManager and a how-to on setting up the cronjobs
  • Web Cronjob
    You can now trigger your cronjob using web requests!
  • Automatic Interval Calculation
    If you change the interval of your cronjobs, SD SiteManager will automatically adjust and change the amount of websites to update per run!

More features will come to SD SiteManager soon, such as uploading packages to your remote website and automatic updates! Stay tuned!

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