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SD SiteManager is released! SD SiteManager is a self-hosted Joomla! website monitoring package. Manage and monitor your Joomla! website from one website!

Do you want to manage an unlimited amount of websites but don't want to pay big time for every website? You can add an unlimited amount of websites to SD SiteManager and they will all be monitored for you using your own website! It shows the Joomla! version and also shows if the website is up-to-date. SD SiteManager also shows the amount of updated your websites have and even allows for remote updating! You do not need to go to the website to update all software; SD SiteManager will do this for you!

This great but still basic software is still heavily in development and more features will be added in the near future!


  • View Joomla! versions and it tells you if the version is up-to-date or not
  • View the extension updates of remote websites
  • Update remote websites' extensions remotely from your own website
  • Offline check
  • Beautiful Bootstrap 4 interface
  • Check an infinite amount of websites on your own Joomla! website!
  • More to come!

Planned Features

  • Email Notifications
  • Automatically updating all websites
  • System information
  • Webcronjobs for less-experienced users
  • Remotely update Joomla!

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