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PHP7 is slowly rolling out to a lot of websites. This means an increase of speed and security, but it also means more stable code. Type hinting is one of the most useful new functionality added to the language. The software I build can use this functionallity to maintain more stable software and to future proof it.

The new requirements for the software will be:

  • PHP7.1 or higher
  • MySQL 5.5 or higher

These new requirements are almost the same as those for Joomla! 4. This new requirement is set high to aim for the future. The new software will also receive a new prefix. We'll move from MS to SD as I started as Michael Snoeren and now operate as Snoeren Development. The can be a bit akward on existing sites having to migrate to the new package, but I promise this is the one and only time.

Legacy Extensions

I offer a large set of extensions and some of them are more popular than others. These less popular extensions will not be continued as they are simply not downloaded enough or are not of any interest anymore (for me). Most software was built because I needed it. The following extensions will be discontinued:

  • MS ImageCompressor
  • MS ContentMover
  • MS Video Gallery
  • MS FaviconGenerator
  • MS PageSpeed
  • MS Resource Combiner
  • MS Slack

All other extensions will be updated to PHP7.1 with a whole new framework as a basis. I'll also target the gaming industry more, so chances are that other extensions, non-related to any gaming, will be discontinued later on. This won't mean I do not support them anymore; support will be provided for as long the subscribers paid for.

Future Plans

As I've said earlier in this post; I tend to move interest in creating software towards gaming communities. I enjoy these communities and like them for being enthousiastic en energetic; also aiming for the future. I know the environment and could create useful extensions for them. MS Twitch Stream is the best extension I've got together with MS Release. These two extensions will be long supported and developed with more to come.

Ads keep the free extensions free!