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So you've downloaded MS Slack, installed it on your site but you found out it does not really fit your needs? You wanted to get awesome messages when receiving an order for Hikashop, for example. Although that's possible, it may be hard to setup! In this article we'll be configuring Hikashop as Hikashop has a good documentation. Any extension with events is supported.


Setting up a custom event

To setup a custom event in MS Slack, go to Plugins > MS Slack > Custom Events in your Joomla! installation. Press the green button with the plus sign to add a new event. Enter the custom event name in the "Event Name" input box. Enable the event and setup the message you want to push to your Slack channel.

 custom ms slack event


Hikashop is one of the most used e-commerce software for Joomla! Its best feature is that it is free to use. That and that it has a large API MS Slack can hook on. Take a look at the table below;

onAfterOrderCreate This event is triggered whenever someone created an order. This doesn't mean that it has been paid for.
onAfterOrderConfirm This event is triggered whenever someone did a purchase on your site and you've received the money. Use this event to get notifications on an order being completed.
onAfterVoteCreate This event is triggered whenever someone voted on one of the products.

For all available events, view the official Hikashop documentation.


Now you know how to setup events for Hikashop, you may explore other extensions by looking up events for MS Slack to trigger on! You cannot do wrong, so please go ahead and try your favorite extension(s) with MS Slack!

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